Gaia has been exceptionally well maintained. The Covid restrictions on travelling gave us lots of time to do extra maintenance. For example:

  • 2021 Topsides professionally painted
  • 2021 Decks and cabin sides painted
  • 2021 3 coats antifouling
  • 2021 New sail covers and windlass cover etc. professionally made
  • 2020 Large portions of inside hull inspected and painted, see below

Click on each picture for a larger view.

After finishing our circumnavigation in 2018 we did the following major updates plus plenty of maintenance.

  • 2019 New refrigeration installed
  • 2019 8 new batteries installed
  • 2019 Engine overhauled
  • 2018 Repaired bowsprit and anchor roller damage

Large portions of the interior hull were inspected and repainted in 2020. All installed cabinetry is removable to allow access to the hull for inspection and maintenance. The pictures below show the inside hull underneath the removable floor and bulkheads in the aft cabin, engine compartment, galley and passageway. Click on each picture for a larger view.

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